Folkish heathens like to brag about their blood connection to some Norse or Germanic bloodline. This isn’t some new concept though. The Nazis also argued that blood and genetics defined people.

Genetics can certainly cause some hindrances to individuals and could even give a slight advantage in certain physical feats. But “blood”? The idea of a “bloodline” is just bullshit created to build fences between those who have and those who have not.

The actual volume of blood in your body generally refreshes every day. The red blood cells that are in the blood typically have fully renewed every month and a half or so. Blood is like machine fluids. It’s an efficient way to deliver what the body needs, from oxygen, to nutrition to dropping off combat cells to deal with an infection.

It’s like motor fluid for your car. Your car is not defined by the oil. Your car is not connected to other cars made before it through its engine oil. Your blood has nothing to do with your connection to anyone.

If someone talks about their blood connection ask them if they ever received blood from a hospital. If they have, are they slightly less connected to their gods? What about people that have a blood transfusion? Are they no longer connected to their heathen ancestors? The truth is that the blood in your body now is 100% new blood from what you had two month ago.

So if you hear people going on about their blood connection to Odin or some other figure, that has not a goddamn thing to do with their religious beliefs and it’s 100% got to do with their racist beliefs.