Each conversation we have,
each glance we share,
you whisper one thing more
about me.

I cry near you,
you cry with me.
We laugh together.
We stare deeply
into each other’s eyes
and try to understand.

You listen to my problems.
I understand yours.
You are the first person
I see in the morning
and your eyes are the last
I see at night.

You never lie to me. 💓
You always tell me
How I look. 💌

I am so sorry I hit you.
I don’t even know why I did.
Please don’t look at me
Like that.

I am not the way you see me.

Everything seems so strange now.

I cannot stand to look at you,

To see what I made you become.

If only I had known.
If only I had thought.

Our worlds would not have